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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I went to the Paris CASEWISE User Group.

The first speaker made a presentation on how to manage complex project (especially in finance) and benefiting from a tool like casewise. He also provided some key hints on how to make a project succeed.
1/ Management support
2/ Investor support
3/ know your client (or find it)
4/ manage the change and train the trainer
5/ use technology

He also stated that to ensure success you need to be on TOP (technology / Organization / Process).

I made a presentation on IS cartography: how to migrate from mega to Casewise.
The key idea is whatever the tool to keep your EA framework. So you can define objects, views and diagrams to describe views. The EA tool is then seen as a facilitator.

We also had the presentation of the new Casewise EA modeler based on Silverlight 2 and called WebModeler. Technologically impressive, web based and very adapted to today's distributed team and way of working. I like the SaaS approach that can also be used for Compliance as a Service.

A great user conference ... Only one concern, Casewise is not offering goodies ;)

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  1. Hello William - nice to see you online :)

    I did not imagine that you published so many things earlier. Quite impressive !

    I notice that you did not change (with your last remarks) and found your thoughts on Entreprise Architecture (previous post) quite interesting. I'll share it with the architect's team of JCDecaux tomorrow :)