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Monday, February 16, 2009

Continuous Integration

In my current company we are using Hudson (for developpers) and Sonar (which offers a simpler Software engineering dashboard). Both tools are great. In our continuous integration platform we also use maven2, Nexus, findbugs, cmd, checkstyles, and CPD.

Two tools that could also be interesting in that area:
  • Testability Explorer: Testability-explorer is a tool which analyzes java byte-codes and computes how difficult it will be to write unit-test. It attempts to help you quantitatively determine how hard your code is to test and, where to focus to make it more testable.
  • Macker: Macker is a build-time architectural rule checking utility for Java developers. It helps keep code clean and consistent. You can tailor a rules file to suit a specific project's structure, or write some general "good practice" rules for your code.

I also like this set of articles called "Automation for the people (IBM developerworks)". Lots of interesting articles.