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Monday, February 16, 2009

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Platform

TIBCO ActiveMatrix is a range of products running on the same platform based on JBI.

The main components are:
  1. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Foundation
  2. TIBCO ActiveMatrix Foundation is playing the same role as Tibco Runtime Agent in the previous Tibco platform. It is built of:

    • TIBCO BusinessStudio, the IDE. As in TIBCO Designer, only installed components will appear.
    • The deployment platform, including the JBI bus, the shared ressources (SOAP, JMS containers). The deployment platform needs TIBCO Enterprise Message Service to run. Nodes, etc are defined at this level.
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator.

  3. The containers

  4. These are the runtime components that will host code and run it. Containers as of today include:

    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Service Engine, to host TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks services and processes
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapters Service Engine, to run TIBCO Adapters as services
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus, a lightweight ESB for mediation of external and internal services.
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid, that contains a list of containers for heterogeneous technologies: Java Container, .Net Container, C++ Container, Ruby Container and finally the EJB binding implementation type (to expose EJBs as referenced services to the code/services in TIBCO ActiveMatrix).

  5. The governance components

  6. To address runtime and design time governance, TIBCO provides the following components:

    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Registry, a UDDI repository targeted at design time and design time governance processes
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Runtime UDDI Server, a UDDI registry targeted at runtime
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Manager, to define, manage and enforce policies transparently on services hosted in the TIBCO ActiveMatrix containers. TIBCO also provides agents to enforce such policies to WebSphere and WCF services. Finally, a proxy agent is provided to enforce these policies to any type of service (as to TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks standalone)
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager, to measure and apply alerts/actions on SLAs based on consumption of the services hosted in the TIBCO ActiveMatrix containers.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Service Engine (accessible for free to TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks customers) includes TIBCO ActiveMatrix Foundation.

In order to access the the new Tibco ActiveMatrix components you may want to test, you should download, install and setup:

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Registry
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Manager
Does anybody already tested TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid?

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