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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Casewise French User Group

Some great news today at the French Casewise user forum.
  1. V-Modeler is now offering to model directly in Visio but the spencils and metamodel based on Casewise repository! Great for all architect. You can also store your model locally using visio format. Works with Visio 2003 and more. 5 licenses are "offered" (instead of 230 euros per license, but you still need to pay the 17% support). Clearly, using Visio could also be danger since people may think they can do what they want. So, you should not forget to provide the modeling methology and training guide. The only limitations I found is that it is only working on a LAN (client-server mode). For WAN users (poor me) you need to use webmodeler.
  2. A new API created from Casewise Consulting France let us now access more easily the metamodel and play with it. The software I was dreaming of is now available: impact analysis tool. You can select your path if several exists and you can browse and browse and browse. Great.
  3. The best hidden secret from Casewise: All standards and regulations you can imagine (mainly around GRC) where grouped in one "big" model and linked when possible between them. So Incident Mgt from ITIL is linked to the right Process from COBIT 3. You can use it has a standard browser tool (for training) or you can use it to build and derive your models.
  4. We've seen a presentation of one user using Casewise API to publish all data in a CRM tool (Jahia). Result was pretty impressive.
Casewise is really listening to their users and providing more or less everything we can dream of. What is still missing is a way to offer nativelly collaboration features to share more than just a model.
Discussing with one person from INRIA evaluating EA tools, I have to recognize that all EA tool I know do not work on an object oriented model. So impossible to use inheritance between object type. Why? May be in the furure major release of Casewise corporate modeler supporting fully UML 2.1 I will be surprised ... May be not.

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