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Friday, March 13, 2009

IT Should value its assets!

Hi all

I do share with Pierre Bonnet the fact that IT should value its asset inside each company financial reports. The question is then what assets can be considered as financially valuable and part of offical financial reporting document?

At least master data (client list, product lists), some technical know how proven to be bringing value to the company (an e-commerce platform for example, a specific packaging) and some business processes know-how and flexibility bringing value to the business (logistic, HR, etc.).

Of course today, nothing exist yet and is recognized by any state in the world. This should be our battle.

You can read one of recent articles on this subject published by Pierre Bonnet in infoq.com (« We need to create information system ratings ») or in Les Echos (« Pour une d√©fiscalisation informatique »).

If you leave in France, I also recommend you to participate to the following meeting (free attendance but limited number of persons allowed!): "Sustainable IT Architecture Conference 2009"

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