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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Search Engines Comparison

I made a comment to the article posted here showing the results of a search engine analysis.
The article is in French, but I would like to give my opinion on the subject.
- Autonomy and IBM are very complex platform to install and configure. They are expensive and composed of lots of modules.
- Exalead was our choice, since it is not expensive, easy to install and use and very powerful. Nevertheless it lacks a good API and a good consulting support worldwide. But they have a public search engine that is able to index the web. I also like its GUI (web or desktop).
- Endecca that the one that impressed me the most on the paper (the answer received to the RFP). I never had a chance to test it :(
- Sinequa is a very good tool, but should be used with a search engine, since its main objectives is to provide less results but more accurate than a normal search engine.
This study was done a year ago ... So results may have been altered since then.

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