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Monday, March 23, 2009

SOA Repository again - now Mulesource Galaxy

Like mostly all architects, in the current economic conditions, my budget was severely cut.
So for our SOA initiative, we had to look at open source tools for SOA repository.
After looking at some of it last year, we selected Mule Galaxy for doing our first draft of SOA repository. As of today, we are quite happy with it, since mainly nobody used it ;)
The economic downturn is pushing back projects to do their stuff without big-upfront planning, while the business is in panic.
Recently, Forrester published a article on on SOA Life-Cycle Management, Q1 2008. Mule Galaxy was not part of this analysis. Nevertheless somebody did follow the same criteria and provided to the community its own analysis of Mule Galaxy on ITToolbox. One more thing, if you are using Mule ESB, Mule Galaxy usage is also recommended.
So for me Software AG Centrasite (new version) is the best tool I found that meets all MY needs, and Mule Galaxy is the best one (covering most of my needs) I can afford to have.

Dream or Do your best with what you have.

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