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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dotnet Tools

Free continuous integration plug-in in Hudson for dotnet code are available! If you need a first tutorial, you can go here. Hudson now supports team foundation server, and Fxcop.

Static code analysis tools are also available:
  • StyleCop (free): Whereas FxCop evaluates design guidelines against intermediate code, StyleCop evaluates the style of C# source code. Style guidelines are rules that specify how source code should be formatted.
  • StyleFix provides a GUI interface to selectively exclude/include files for StyleCop
  • CodeIt.Right ($250 per user license). CodeIt.Right's biggest benefit is the automatic code refactoring within Visual studio. From the results screen you can check which violations to fix and then click the Correct Checked button.
Some interesting tools for dotnet performance optimisation:
Finally, here are some resources I found on the web concerning dotnet performance optimisation.

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