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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fitnium = Selenium + FitNesse

Fitnium (http://www.magneticreason.com/tools/fitnium/fitnium.html) is a Non Specific Domain Specific Language (DSL) that provides the power of Selenium (http://seleniumhq.org/) for automating web based acceptance tests with the power of FitNesse (http://www.fitnesse.org/).

FitNium provides you with the ability to write and execute Selenium tests using the FitNesse framework but without the need to write a single line of code!

Based on a FitNesse DoFixture FitNium provides a english language interpretation of the Selenium API that you would normally call from Java, Ruby, Python, Perl or C#. In this instance it allows none developers, testers, and even customers to write UI driven automated acceptance tests.

Every single API available to Java, Ruby, Python, Perl or C# developers is now available as an easily understand english phrase that anyone can use to develop their own tests.


  1. hi,

    the description always says you can reuse the selenium codes in fitnesse. Care to explain how is that achieved? Couldnt find a way to convert selenium code to be used in fitnesse

  2. To link fitness and Selenium, the most used approach is to use DoFixture.
    You can read those excellent Posts to have some examples:
    - Automating web tests with FitNesse and Selenium by Gojko Adzic: http://gojko.net/2007/05/20/automating-web-tests-with-fitnesse-and-selenium/
    - Fitnesse Selenium Wrapper by Cory Foy: http://blog.cornetdesign.com/2006/09/fitnesse-selenium-wrapper/

  3. Some more links ... Thanks to my delicious.

    - to create an entirely domain-generic combination of selenium and FitNesse, so that I could record web app tests in Selenium IDE, save them to FitNesse, and run them from FitNesse without having to write any new testing code (easy maintenance!) go here: http://foo-gui.blogspot.com/2006/09/automated-web-testing-bliss_17.html
    -Create a Testing DSL with FitNesse and Selenium : http://codebetter.com/blogs/jeremy.miller/archive/2006/07/15/147400.aspx
    - Concerning WebTest fixture: http://www.fitnesse.info/webtest
    - Jumpstart: http://anubhava.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/jump-start-fitnesse-with-selenium/
    - http://blog.xebia.com/2009/04/23/fitnesse-selenium-integration-struggles/