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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Looking for MDA tools

MDA is more an approach or a vision, so finding the right tool is highly depending on your needs. Nevetheless, I've been reviewing some tools on the market recently.

The ones I prefer were all created by french companies (yes we can!):
  • MODELIO: http://www.modeliosoft.com/ - The new product from Objecteering based on UML 2, with a UML profile editor and using Java for developping inside the tool. Not expensive ...
  • OBEO: http://www.obeo.fr/ - Very impressive tool, integrated in eclipse, powerful and well designed. A little bit too expensive for a small IT shop like our.
  • Bluage: http://www.bluage.com/ - Generate 100% of the code. I do not know about pricing yet.
MENDIX (http://www.mendix.com/) is a tool supporting MDA and DSL and seems outstanding, but I did not have time to review it.

You can also look at the following tools that complements most of the current UML 2 tools:
If you want to use lightweight MDA and do java development OMONDO propose a very integrated and optimized tool.

NEPTUNE 2009 a French conference is also proposing some very good recent analysis on the model driven development topic (in French). They also published a book on the subject you can download here.

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