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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Browser and the cloud

First installment:
Last week one of the VP of my company using a MacBook (not compliant to corporate standards which are HP PC with Windows XP and IE 6 only) with Safari, complains that one of our "business service" sending confirmation email with HTML message inside had an ugly layout. It was not a requirements when building the apps, but now it is.

Second installment:
You connect to a cool web site and then, you get a message like:
"This application requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version"
My browser should be able to post in response the following message: "I understand your point however as a customer I like to use the browser I want".

We are in 2009 and some software suppliers still not get the disastrous effect of the Lock-in anti-pattern.

When evaluating or using the cloud do not forget to see if the vendor is not trying to lock you in with a particular browser or OS or technology. When you design an SOA service, do not forget the long tail of browsers in the world (begin to test the ones of your VP ;)

For me, a good "cloud" oriented software should run in the browser. If a SaaS application needs external components or add-in to be installed, then, it's not really cloud anymore. If I need to have headaches for deploying a SAAS solution by managing all possible platforms in my company I loose the main advantages of SaaS.

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