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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tibco Silver - The PAAS from Tibco

I was invited to the first official presentation of Tibco Silver worldwide! A very simple show made on a boat floating on the Paris Seine river.
To my best surprise, most of the people there were not aware about cloud computing. So the presentations were quite simple. In fact they ware made by marketing guys. Fortunately, Thierry Schang (VO engineering was there to answer my questions).
So to sum-up:
  • Tibco Silver is a Platform As A Service, that will be hosted by different Hardware as a service provider. Today only Amazon is available, but some others will follow pretty soon.
  • Tibco Silver is still in beta ...
  • The pricing is still not defined.
  • It is a platform offering all services around SCA components execution in the cloud. So you can not deploy your java or C++ code directly. They need to be wrapped in SCA components.
  • Tibco reuse all Tibco ActiveMatrix Services to provide you a full SCA on demand platform (governance, security, etc.).
  • Tibco Silver enables you to create, monitor, govern an environment where everything is already in place to let you deploy SCA components, not just CPU and OS.
  • Governance, security and SLA management are the heart of the platform. My question is still how Tibco Silver will be able to ensure SLA are met (and adapt the cloud resources used via cloud platform elasticity) on platforms hosted by others, with Internet in the middle. I suspect that the client wil have to define an SLA with the cloud provider first and use Tibco Silver second to control it.
So this is, as far as I know, the first attempt to propose an SCA (some will say more generally an SOA) execution platform in the cloud.

You can apply for beta testing the Tibco silver platform on their official web site : http://silver.tibco.com/

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