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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I liked this post - Lucky 13

While doing your software architect job you must follow 13 rules called: Lucky 13. Here they are, exact copy from excellent post here:
  1. Be Lazy: Do not reinvent wheel, also what ever I create, it should be reusable within time and resource constraints -- From Object Oriented Principles
  2. 6 Wives and 2 Husbands Principle: 6 Wives – What, When, Why, Who, Where and To Whom. 2 Husbands – How and How many/much -- From 6 Sigma and Lean
  3. One plus One is Eleven: When two heads work together their synergetic output is more than arithmetic summation -- Extreme Programming
  4. Democracy is good but Veto system is required: In case of dispute there must be a authority to take decision à Political Science
  5. One is not enough: If there is only one way of achieving goal/target, more grey matter is required -- War Theory
  6. Nothing is future proof: No one can predict future only guess. Today’s systems is tomorrow’s legacy -- Experience
  7. Organization hierarchy governs visibility: As persons move in Organization/Project hierarchy has more visibility of overall picture -- Organizational Theory
  8. Learn Daily: The day you do not learn some thing, deduct that that day from your experience in resume -- Experience
  9. Business has Money and veto power: Architecture might be superb but if there is no money and business requirement then it is not a workable solution -- Experience
  10. Process’ absence as well as presence has its own burden: No or little process invites chaos while excessive processes brings red tape -- Process and Control Theory
  11. Time and will are pre-requisites: To active a target with given constrains Time and will power are pre-requisites apart from resources -- Time Management and Psychology
  12. Perfection is an illusion: For worldly challenges good enough solutions are sufficient -- Philosophy
  13. Be an architect not consultant: Consultant is like Seagull. He flies high, zero on some thing good, take that good thing, create some disturbance, leave shit behind and fly way -- Experience

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