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Sunday, July 19, 2009

To ESB or not ESB

Reading this post from the crator of Mule, I could not agree more. In my team we had so many discussions about what is an ESB and if our current Tibco BusinessWorks platform is an ESB or not.
The main issue I face is always the same. I had to face it when doing integration with SAP and having to fight with SAP team to make them use Tibco BusinessWorks and SAP adaptor instead of SAP build-in point to point solution (that was before netweaver).

How can you justify an ESB to a team that was managing its own world for years. They were used of being a master data source and they know that all messages will have to go to them first, before being published to other systems. So why do you need an ESB? Just send them the XML they want (they are the king), no need to route the message. Direct connection. Point to point.

You can try any possible sound explanations, at the end, it is always: my solution works, this solution is not expensive (people are used to do it) and i do not understand why you want to add an extra step. This is also sometimes leading to some fight between the ERP competency center or application development team and the integration competency center.

Again, to use an ESB is in some cases an obvious choices, but for some others, it is more a governance and political issue than a technology choice. Big silo created their technology fortress with only one door, use it or die. ESB is the kind of white king trying to destroy all fortress to build a (Inform)nation.

IT can learn from history ;)

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