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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Java VisualVM Blogging Contest Results

The Java VisualVM Blogging Contest was designed by Sun to encourage developers to share their experience with VisualVM, available in two distributions: VisualVM available at visualvm.dev.java.net and Java VisualVM available as a JDK tool in Sun JDK distributions starting from JDK 6 update 7. Results were published recently and are shown below.

First Place Winners:

Jan Smuk — VisualVM - tool for profiling Java applications
Kiev Gama — VisualVM OSGi plugin
Rejeev Divakaran — Analyzing Memory Leak in Java Applications using VisualVM

Second Place Winners:

Di Jiang — VisualVM, Sliver Bullet for Troubleshooting
Dominic Mitchell — Heap Dump Analysis
Dustin Marx — Thread Analysis with VisualVM
Jeff Foster — JVisualVM and Clojure
Kristian Rink — jvisualvm: analyzing NetBeans and beyond…
Matthew Passell — VisualVM and Cutting Method Calls by Over 1000x
Pavan Kumar Srinivasan — Visual VM …Saved My Day
Mohammed Sanaulla — Monitoring and Profiling using VisualVM-1
Robert Baumgartner — How to use JConsole, JVisualVM or VisualVM with Oracle Application Server
Sebastian Pietrowski — VisualVm performance tuning tool

Third Place Winners:

Jonathan Demers — Solve java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Leelabai P — VisualVM, Java's own monitoring, profiling and performance analysis tool
Sotohiro Terashima — Stop Jetty Server using "Java VisualVM" and "TASKKILL"
Sridhar Kasturi — Explore VisualVM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ETL on Demand - Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition

Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition is available on Amazon's Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for $24.95 per hour. The company said the hourly rate is aimed at companies with only a few applications deployed in EC2 and which need only occasional data integration services.
By hosting data integration software on EC2, customers can take advantage of Amazon's vast infrastructure, according to Chris Boorman, Informatica's head of marketing. When integrating data from one EC2-based application to another, he said, it only makes sense to put the data integration software on EC2 as well.
This is a great news ...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stribe - Adding cloud collaboration tool

Dear all

Great news. I was selected to be a beta tester of stribes ... As you should normally see at the bottom of the blog page, a, new ribbon is available. You can create an account and better intercat with me and the reader of this blog.
I hope this will create more and more value around this blog.
Try it ... Adopt it ... Use it ...

Tibco BusinessWork ActiveMatrix for dummies ...

I had a hard time understanding the Tibco BusinessWorks ActiveMatrix (Tibco BW AMX for short) proposal. Thanks to Thomas Been from Tibco France, things are a little clearer now.

Which Tibco BW do you want?

With version 5.7 of the tool you know have the choice between two options:
  • AMX foundation based = Tibco BW AMX = BusinessWorks services are deployed in Tibco AMX foundation. The administration tool is then Tibco AMX Administrator.
  • TRA based = Tibco BW Standalone = BusinessWorks services are deployed in TRA. The administration tool is then Tibco Administrator.

Governance Cockpit = TIBCO AMX Administrator

TIBCO AMX Administrator provides configuration, deployments et monitoring services. This creates then a unique cockpit (common environment) for administrating the SOA platform, the Runtime components, and the runtime governance (UDDI directory, policy Mgt, SLA management).

TIBCO AMX Administrator hosts and offers access to AMX governance services like:
  • AMX Runtime UDDI Server
  • AMX Policy Manager
  • AMX Service Performance Manager
But it also enrich its offer with:
  • Different views for managing the service lifecycle. The same service deployed on several nodes will have all its metrics aggregated and the different configurations will be easily available.
  • Shared Resources will be declared and managed in one place.
  • Logging will be common to all AMX services. The common Logging framework offers then a unique logging for a service deployed on several nodes (if grid is activated)
TIBCO AMX Administrator was designed to be flexible and is a kind of service container. More services will be added in the future for different types of stakeholders (not only administrator).

SLA Management = Service Performance Manager (SPM)

AMX Service Performance Manager is a tool to manage SLA. So you can:
  • Define SLA et rules around them (violation rules, and also service usage conditions)
  • Actions to be executed when rules are triggered (re-deploy a service on another node, etc.).
SPM works with both Tibco BW AMX and Tibco BW Standalone and offers deployment of services in both Tibco BW AMX (deploying in different nodes) or Tibco BW standalone (will launch another instance of the TRA).
Deploying BW services in AMX Foundation is included for free in any BW client licenses. But this is not including SPM that requires new license(s).

How to move from Tibco BW Standalone to Tibco BW AMX?

Two options :
  • Archive level. Simple re-deploy, without changing the archive, in AMX foundation. Tibco Engineering Team did take care about the compatibility. In that case, TIBCO AMX Administrator provides the same archive information that in TIBCO Administrator.
  • SCA Migration. You have to open the archive in Tibco BusinessStudio, make some modifications to create an SCA valid diagram. Then you can benefit from transversal functionalities of AMX like:

    • Shared Resources usage
    • Total Visibility in TIBCO AMX Administrator, especially in the service view
    • Hosted services Invocation on the Grid (if grid is used)
    • Common logging framework usage
    • Direct integration with SPM and PM
    • The archive can not contain processes that are « not services » (files, etc).

Recommended Upgrade Process

1/ Migrate the infrastructure first and deploy previously made Tibco service archives on it.
2/ Train your teams to SCA and re-packages your Tibco projects as SCA components.
3/ Think internal Grid or go to the Cloud with Tibco Silver.