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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Java VisualVM Blogging Contest Results

The Java VisualVM Blogging Contest was designed by Sun to encourage developers to share their experience with VisualVM, available in two distributions: VisualVM available at visualvm.dev.java.net and Java VisualVM available as a JDK tool in Sun JDK distributions starting from JDK 6 update 7. Results were published recently and are shown below.

First Place Winners:

Jan Smuk — VisualVM - tool for profiling Java applications
Kiev Gama — VisualVM OSGi plugin
Rejeev Divakaran — Analyzing Memory Leak in Java Applications using VisualVM

Second Place Winners:

Di Jiang — VisualVM, Sliver Bullet for Troubleshooting
Dominic Mitchell — Heap Dump Analysis
Dustin Marx — Thread Analysis with VisualVM
Jeff Foster — JVisualVM and Clojure
Kristian Rink — jvisualvm: analyzing NetBeans and beyond…
Matthew Passell — VisualVM and Cutting Method Calls by Over 1000x
Pavan Kumar Srinivasan — Visual VM …Saved My Day
Mohammed Sanaulla — Monitoring and Profiling using VisualVM-1
Robert Baumgartner — How to use JConsole, JVisualVM or VisualVM with Oracle Application Server
Sebastian Pietrowski — VisualVm performance tuning tool

Third Place Winners:

Jonathan Demers — Solve java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Leelabai P — VisualVM, Java's own monitoring, profiling and performance analysis tool
Sotohiro Terashima — Stop Jetty Server using "Java VisualVM" and "TASKKILL"
Sridhar Kasturi — Explore VisualVM

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