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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gartner identified 10 EA pitfalls here.
  1. The Wrong Lead Architect
  2. Insufficient Stakeholder Understanding and Support
  3. Not Engaging the Business People
  4. Doing Only Technical Domain-Level Architecture
  5. Doing Current-State EA First
  6. The EA Group Does Most of the Architecting
  7. Not Measuring and Not Communicating the Impact
  8. Architecting the ‘Boxes’ Only
  9. Not Establishing Effective EA Governance Early
  10. Not Spending Enough Time on Communications
I would add the following ones:
  • Not providing different deliverables for different stakeholders
  • Not documenting decisions and rationale made
  • Focusing on designing/building an EA framework and implementing it in a tool
  • Having EA team attached to the CIO (only IT), instead of being attached to the CEO and/or to the audit Team
  • Not being part of the Application Portfolio Management
  • Not providing technical standards negotiated with procurements that project can afford to pay
  • Not integrating in the EA team, infrastructure, procurement and application teams

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