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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Applications for Travellers

The market of application for travelers is evolving quickly. Most of them are offering a free to use version and enhance it with real-time services.

My preferred tool is still Worldmate Mobimate (preferred the gold version for enabling real-time access to flight data and alternative flights).

I did use Trip-it for some time, but, my main need is not to share but to be able to get all information I need on time and to be able to react when needed.

The new kid on the block is TripCase created by Sabre. It is not supporting my Blackberry, so I can not give my opinion on it. Anyway, it is free and can provide flight alerts, so you may want to try it.

Amadeus is also working on a Mobile Travel Wallet but the service is still in beta.

Air France KLM is also offering a social community tool for their travelers, called bluenity. I was not really seduced by the product since I need to travel on very different carriers.

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