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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Milk and the Cloud

Spending some time looking for Cloud computing suppliers, I was amazed to see that no European company came to my eyes. Do people realize that the current giant fight to dominate cloud computing will increase competition and innovation for the companies and countries involved?

Cloud infrastructure (aka Datacenters) are being deployed in Europe (and Asia Pacific) by US companies, of course, but slowly. Imagine when you have a product for around a year without any challenger. That's where we are, and market share will be hard to modify then. Can you imagine also the impact on e-commerce? Not yet, but it will come fast enough to make people understand the risk of not reacting now.

Cloud is changing the rules of the game. But, our students are not trained to work on the cloud. Our companies do not understand what is cloud or do not want to deploy their data in North America. You can stay social with Facebook, discuss with Twitter, stay in contact with your friends on linked-in and read your email with Google. For free of course. When doing economy courses, I learned that nothing is never free. Somebody has to pay. So where is the EU commission for enabling European services like the ones I mentioned? Where are the European banks and investor? Where are the French banks and investor? Well... Today, with a good project you can get 5 to 10 millions euro. Not enough.

I heard some time ago that Orange services will provide cloud services, may be, one day. Why not a joint venture? Cablo operator, with some ISP, hardware companies and IT consulting firms could be a quick win.

Cloud will be used by company to reduce internal cost. Outsourcing will raise, and jobs will be lost for sure in Europe. Globalization again makes cloud datacenter more interesting than internal ones. Not for the cost, but for the flexibility it provides!

At least, in Europe, and especially in France we produce great milk. Milk producers are complaining about the low prices and requesting subventions. Who will complain for the cloud?

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