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Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 - Data Integration War in the cloud

The war is raging on Data Integration and data services. Two products are clearly changing the landscape: Informatica platform V9 and Pervasive DataCloud 2.

Informatica V9

To quote the company, Informatica 9 "uniquely delivers a comprehensive platform by combining products in six categories: enterprise data integration, data quality, B2B data exchange, application information lifecycle management, complex event processing and cloud computing data integration," and can be deployed "on-premise or in the internet cloud."

I will not state again, how much benefits a company can get from Informatica V9. It was really built with user needs in mind (we had intense discussions on current and future needs) and is for me clearly a step ahead from the competitors. You can read this excellent post for a better deep dive.
Disclaimer: I was associated to Informatica V9 discussions with the company since about a year now and my company is using Informatica.

Pervasive DataCloud 2

To quote the company "Pervasive DataCloud 2 is a secure and reliable on-demand services platform fully powered by Amazon Web Services. It's for developers who need to rapidly create Data Integration, Application Integration, Analytics and other data-intensive services."
The offer seems impressive and is also providing a platform, but on demand. I was especially interested by the DataRush offer which is combining the power of cloud computing with the one of data management.

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