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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Document, Document, Document

Documenting architecture and assessing that the code follows the standards architecture patterns defined is not an easy task. presented below are two tools that helped us doing it.

Documenting (and assessing) Java code architecture
I like SonarJ as a tool to help the solution architect to assess and validate the application architecture. It is free if your application is not too big (500 classes)!
The new release, version 5.0.2, comes with new metrics and a Maven plugin is now able to generate SonarJ system files out of Maven POM's.

Documenting EAI/ESB projects

PIKE Electronic has started close cooperation with TIBCO in the early 2000`s. They provide a tool called makeDoc, recognized as an official analysis tool for TIBCO`s BW, BE and iProcess products.
Now they claim to be extending their offer towards ORACLE’s ESB and BEA products and are testing MakeDoc for webMethods with Software AG before launching it on the market.
Cross EAI/ESB analysis will then be possible? Let's wait and see.

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