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Sunday, December 6, 2009

What is the best programming language? Who cares?

Looking at some recent articles in the blogo/twitto/webo-sphere, I was amazed about the gap between the programming language nomenklatura and the real, usage...
Today, people are learning Objective-C because of the gold rush. Make an iPhone application and you will be rich. What about Scala the new best programming object oriented language on earth? Well, who cares?
So, today, the best programming languages are the ones that are used by the most "used platform".
Ruby is being implemented on eevry platform (even SAP is doing it ;) ). Java is being reduced (google app engine) or is enhanced (Scala, Clojure). And what about dotnet? Well, Microsoft as usual is doing its stuff on its own platform. Like apple, except they do not have a good mobile platform yet.
That's so funny for me to see people eager to developing in Objective-C and with the one of the worst dev. environment on earth... But you know gold can make people do strange things ...
Anyway, if you want to learn a great language look at scala ... The future of java ... or wait for Ruby to be implemented on Iphone....

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