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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Being a human

I'm always fascinated by our capacity to make our day to day  lives complex and to become nervous for small things (my plane was late, no more bread at the super makert, the lift does not work, windows is down).


, or New Orleans

In several minutes you can loose who you loved, where you lived and what you built. Human resilience is not a given, some people will never be able to overcome such a shock. Some will do ... There will always be people to rebuild ... but somewhere else.

In France, bad habits are back. The French government not able to improve the economy is looking for scapegoats, just in case the revolution came back. It's the banks, it's the jewish (always), its the muslims (burqua) and some others. They just forgot the history. Who first unified regions into France and where he was coming from.

When I talk to old people I know most of them tell me that it looks like some bad moment they experienced before the 2nd World Wide War. Laval, Vichy... Back to their worse nightmare.

The economic crisis and unemployment growth rate will lead to increase some existing or create new types of violence (or wars). Violence in your private life (husband beating wife, parents killing kids, kids fighting at school) and in the virtual world (TV is available everywhere, a video on youtube can be seen by millions of people). By the way, people are having difficulty to pass from real to virtual. New dangers are coming.

After the 2nd world war Baby boomer did consume a lot and enjoy their lifes. They are not ready to change their way of living. Conflicts will begin between generation Y and X. Government do not p represent or undertand the young generations ... Not yet.

To be resilient you need sometimes to forget some bad moments of your life or of the history to survive. But history always repeat itself. I hope Europe will remember the price our ancestors paid for peace. This time, the danger is not to have a world war, but a total ecosystem destruction.

Oh, by the way, I have to go to eat with my family, its saturday, we have a house, water and food (fish). And It's a great privilege.

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