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Friday, January 15, 2010

France will be the New china in europe, thanks to LOPPSI

If nothing is done, within a year, not only might Big Brother-like spyware be mandatory on every French computer, but everything that goes through its pipes could be scanned for possible copyright infringement.

That's the result of  intense lobbying from the entertainment and music industry... This year, President Sarkozy has a new law to pass regarding the Internet. Its name is LOPPSI, and only a small part of it is related to the Internet: filtering it.

The LOPPSI law, which could be voted on in March 2010, will legalize French Internet filtering the Chinese way, like Deputy Jacque Myard recently said.

Do you think this is not possible? This is the proof that contacts have been established between the French UMP party and the Chinese Communist Party to talk about "Democracy and Internet access" (video, in French).

President Sarkozy announced filtering will be used to "automatically de-pollute networks and servers used for piracy." The question is why Europe is not reacting, and why French Media are not covering this?

If we have to put a spyware on every laptop, then, we will have to do it on every phone ... And yes, France will be like China ... Adios democraty, welcome to net control ...

What could be then the economic impacts? France do not have the same Internet market than China, so slowly but surely, France know how and IT innovation will be killed. The entertainment industry will earn more money, but IT sector will be dead forever in France. Some people will move back to paper and face to face communication to avoid being spied ... Some other will invest in cloud computing to have their applications hosted in the cloud using encrypted satellite connection to avoid being spied. Some will use two different machines one to surf legally, and another one to do everything illegally. Of course hackers will find way to manage this issue, like in China.

The worse impact will concern France future and its already sinking economy: young people will leave France forever and great people will refuse to come to work in France. Remember, France is not china ...

The other question I ask myself is what will be Google reaction? Do you think they will stop their operations in France like in China? Since the government will ask them for sure to clean their search results to depollute ...

The french government is going too far this time and I'm sure that French people will react to the authoritarian tentative to control their communication and lives.

To learn more read this excellent article in ReadWriteWeb from Fabrice Epelboin: The Google Tax: Hiding The Real Threats to French Democracy. Thanks Fabrice for raising this issue, and I apologize for having taken some sentences from your post to write mine. But its so incredible ...

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