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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OMG Architecture Ecosystem new SIG

I contributed to OMG Model Driven Architecture some years ago, and I remember how interesting were the discussions, how easy it was to meet great architects in one place and discuss real issues and possible solutions.

A new initiative was launched recently that caught my attention: OMG Architecture Ecosystem

"The Architecture Ecosystem SIG is a special interest group organized under the OMG Architecture Board. The AE SIG was chartered on December 8th, 2009. The wiki is intended to be used by the AE SIG participants to develop the ecosystem.
The mission of the Architecture Ecosystem SIG (AE SIG) is to work with OMG domain and platform task forces, other relevant OMG SIGs, external entities and related industry groups to facilitate the creation of a common architectural ecosystem. This ecosystem will support the creation, analysis, integration and exchange of information between modeling languages across different domains, viewpoints and from differing authorities. In particular the need for business and enterprise level architectural viewpoints must be better integrated with the technical viewpoints that define systems to address enterprise needs. The AE SIG will focus on the capability to define and integrate languages and models in various viewpoints and support other groups that will focus on the specific viewpoints required for their specific domains. The set of viewpoints, supporting models and supporting technologies will comprise the ecosystem"

Making standards is great, mentoring people in different business domains using it is even better. If you have the opportunity to contribute, please do. OMG subscription fee is based on your company size and revenue, so it's not a closed club.

To know more, go here, Architecture Ecosystem introduction slides are here.

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