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Sunday, January 17, 2010

TechCrunch decided to Ending Advertising Relationship With BigDeal (a Swoggi like auction web site)

Well, Sometimes the web is great!
I just discovered that TechCrunch decided to end their Advertising Relationship With BigDeal today. Read their excellent article here. They described exactly what I experienced yesterday with Swoggi.

Even if BigDeal seems positioned a little bit differently that Swoggi, they are using the same approach. But, BigDeal is providing a tutorial, and you can buy anyway the item at the end of the auction, even if you loose it. So BigDeal offers you to not loose all your money, but forces you pay your item much more than average.

TechCrunch, you have taken the right decision ...You decided to respect and "protect" your readers even if it leads to Advertising money loss. Thank you ... Really Appreciated.

I can not resist to copy some part of the article

"BigDeal offers a service that is completely legal, and is backed by very well known venture capitalists. On the surface we shouldn’t have any issues with working with them.
But the service is, in my opinion, at best misleading and at worst little more than a scam.
Users are encouraged to bid for items, and are told that the “winners of guaranteed auctions get a huge discount, typically 65%-90% off retail.” But the way the service works is extremely complicated. In fact a few of us here at TechCrunch debated exactly how it worked for a half hour after reading the tutorial, and never quite understood it. It took winning an auction and then actually buying the item to understand just how unattractive the whole scheme is. If your service is so complicated that users have to be mislead to use it, it’s probably not all that great of a deal. 
Users must pay $0.75 every time they bid, and to win an auction generally requires quite a few bids.
After the auction, all the money from the bids is gone. Vanished. Poof. That’s the confusing part of the “deal.”
Even as the winner, I then had to pay the price I bid for the item, on top of all the bids. Plus shipping. The losers get the option of buying the item at normal retail plus shipping, and can use their lost bids as part of the price. But BigDeal’s retail prices range about 25% higher than the same items on Amazon, so there isn’t much of a deal there."

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