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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The problem with my Tivx

Some months ago I bought a Tivx for recording all the movies from my Kids. And since the beginning, the appliance is rebooting or blocking itself without any explanation. Sometimes I have an I/O error.
So I tried to contact the support. Then I discovered that the support is in Korea ... Fortunately I can speak English. So I submitted a case with their user contact tool (not very easy to use, seems to be a kind of wiki).

After some days they asked me to upload some files to test. It took me 24h to upload a file (bandwith and ftp server ...). After 3 weeks, no answers. I decided then to re-open a case. They said that my files disappeared from the FTP server and that I have to upload them again. Again 24 hours for loading it.

Finally they said that it works on their side.

So, now what do I do? I have a message saying I/O error on the appliance. It should be easy to understand the issue. What was very annoying is that no logs exist on the TivX, when it crashes, no way to know why...

My kids do not trust it anymore and are back to using DVD. So, next time before buying a multimedia appliance I'll need to check before where the support is done. And my recommendation is do not buy, never again, a Divco Tivx .... except if you leave in Asia.

Flat world and e-commerce are great, but as a customer I do not think we are all prepared to accept the consequences of it. Now what can I do with my non working TiVx?

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