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Thursday, April 1, 2010

AVAYA Phone - how to make your working life a nightmare

My company decided to move to VoIP great! The problem is that the Avaya phone they bought us are simply impossible to use. We moved from a simple powerful phone to a huge, complex and not user friendly phone.
I never saw in my life such loss of productivity from a simple change.
The impact is enormous, lots of employees are using their cell phone now...
You want an example, to get to your voice mail, you need:
- to call AD3 (sic !)
- to dial your phone extension followed by #
- to dial you password followed by #
- to press 2 to listen messages
- to press 0 to listen to the first message

To suppress a message, you need to do: *D. but it took me time to understand that the "D" is not on the keyboard, but on the "3" button (also showing DEF)
This phone is so un-user friendly that you wonder if they did not make it on purpose.
And I do not even compare it to an iphone.
Please call me on my cell or send me an email. Don't force me to use this prehistoric phone.