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Sunday, October 31, 2010

QWIKI: Futur of Search is HERE and its fantastic

I just received my login/password to QWIKI alpha version. The FUTURE of search is already here and it's QWIKI.
I tested on two personalities, Nicolas Sarkozy and Benoit Mandelbrot. The result is astonishing ...
I have the feeling to have seen an heard something different ... A complete new way of presenting the result of a search.
The concept here, is not the search feature, but more how to present the results of this search. QWIKI is able to create automatically a mini movie (like CNN news report) with voice and images. I suppose that in the future, user generated content and feedback will help improve it on some subjects.

This could revolutionalize how you will teach or learn in the future, and I can imagine, how a new wikipedia could be build with such a tool. The power of an encyclopedia presented like a movie. All mashuped automatically within in one unique interface.

Of course today Qwiki only speaks English ... Integrate this service with Google goggles or google translate and Google Voice and imagine where we can go ... ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

Do you need to remember what is the Pythagore theorem about? Qwiki could also help ...

Oh... one more thing ... What about Steve?


My only one disappointment, QWIKI does not have an entry for me ...

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