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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The raise of the mobility bubble ...

Seems like history is repeating ... remember the INTERNET bubble? Start-up, easy money, young people running companies growing fast, spending lots of VC cash ...
This time is back ... Mobility is the new bubble ...

What has changed now is: with tech democratization everybody can build its own company on the web for hundred bucks.

I never seen such an acceleration of innovation. Several global platforms exist (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Apple, Intuit, etc.) and companies are nurturing around or using them to attain hundreds of thousand (if not million) of customers. Add third party API to the mix and you can see how easy things can be done. And I do not even mention advertising or affiliation.

I remember a time where the ADA compiler was so expensive that it was impossible for a student to have one. Now, a student can choose the language, the platform, the dev tools and deploy it in minutes in the cloud. Look at greplin this new personal search engine for your data in the cloud. Great idea, great young guy... great VC also.

Of course there will always be tech Big Bang (disruptive innovation), but what is new is how quickly, globally and how big companies are created and grow around those Big Bang. Co-creation is now mainstream ...

The main issue is now to keep the customers attached to your brand, your apps. How to resist to new apps releases every day and from new devices released every year?

Companies should invest in their business platforms and their business API to:
  1. leverage their legacy content and services,
  2. integrate the best services powered by others via API,
  3. adopt a multi-channel approach in order to attain all possible long tail segment, niches, etc.
  4. create distinct user experience and business model for each segments
Mobility requires new business skills able to invent new business models, manage several evolving distribution channels, and to create versatile products (within very short delivery cycle). Having the technical skills internally is required ...

As Google CEO said at WMC 2011, "Put your best people on mobile, put them on mobile before desktop".

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