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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some recent evolutions of X-commerce platforms ...

Objectives are to help companies create unified customer experiences across channels - including those ever important new channels like mobile and social.
  • Oracle purchases e-commerce vendor ATG and FatWire (customer experience management company and provides tools for content management, community forums, analytics, digital asset management, etc.)
  • IBM purchases e-commerce vendor Sterling Commerce.
  • Adobe announced the Digital Enterprise Platform and new development platform around flash and Flex to create applications that will run on all mobile platforms.
  • ebay: 
    • commerce platform : magento – buying tunnel
    • payments: paypal
    • Loyalty, listings and shopping list: where (location media company), milo (local shopping app), redlaser (QR code and listings) and fig cards
    • API to enable Mobile developers to use the platform

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mobile - After the technology shake, the xCommerce Tsunami

2011 is the beginning ... of the xCommerce tsunami ... X being t for tablet, s for smartphone, T for TV, etc. Every connected object will have the capability to connect you to a marketplace.

Google, Ebay, Amazon and Facebook are all finalising their platform to be available worldwide. War will begin soon.

In the travel industry, Rob Torres from Google gave some numbers:
  • Google reports 300K new Android activations per day and eMarketer notes that 50% of all new internet connections worldwide are coming from mobile devices.
  • The number of searches in the travel category via a mobile device continues to rise this year; the percentage of queries coming from mobile devices now makes up 19.5% of all hotel queries.
  • Quite notably, people aren’t just searching with mobile; they are actually completing transactions from their devices. The number of mobile bookings in the travel space has accelerated from $20 million in 2008 to over $200 million in 2010. 
  • By 2012 we project that 8% of mobile users will be booking travel from their smart phones.
We all know that the tsunamy is coming, what we still do not know is the strenght of the wave. Some companies will suffer and may be dying ... Nokia, Sony, BlockBuster are perfect examples of what every company can experience in the coming quarters ... Iphone was created nearly 3 years ago ... And I do not even talk of the kinect technology ...

Mobile is just creating a never ending space where you can "touch" every consumers everywhere on earth but also at anytime in your value chain. Are you ready ?