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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some recent evolutions of X-commerce platforms ...

Objectives are to help companies create unified customer experiences across channels - including those ever important new channels like mobile and social.
  • Oracle purchases e-commerce vendor ATG and FatWire (customer experience management company and provides tools for content management, community forums, analytics, digital asset management, etc.)
  • IBM purchases e-commerce vendor Sterling Commerce.
  • Adobe announced the Digital Enterprise Platform and new development platform around flash and Flex to create applications that will run on all mobile platforms.
  • ebay: 
    • commerce platform : magento – buying tunnel
    • payments: paypal
    • Loyalty, listings and shopping list: where (location media company), milo (local shopping app), redlaser (QR code and listings) and fig cards
    • API to enable Mobile developers to use the platform

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