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Friday, December 23, 2011

Leveraging Transparency Through Social

Transparency is key to enable TRUST. Trust is needed to increase adoption of the corporate travel program objectives.

I'm convinced that social media could help corporate travelers be more engaged and offer the transparency required to make people more confident on the travel program. One of my key idea I have is to move away from complex and too technical travel policy that only traveler agents or booking tools could support, and to move to a crowd sourced socially powered control.

What is needed:

  1. Simple and easy set of rules. 
  2. Corporate Social media to discuss and report on the travel policy usage and conformance.

In brief, enable anybody to see how you, your team, tou Business group travel and if your adherence to the company travel policy. Of course you need to preserve personal data privacy (impersonate some content) and there are always exceptions to rules, but this can be handled easily.

A small example.

Imagine that each time you want to go somewhere, you can use a trip planning tool and get a CAP (max price + accepted ancillary services).
Then you just need to make your booking and publish your Itinerary back to a centralized service. Your Itinerary will then be analysed and:
  • the corporate trip dashboard will be automatically updated
  • your trip will be used to build your travel policy scorecard to be published on the corporate social network
  • your trip will be used as a guideline (of what to do or not to do). 
Of course some key "personal" or sensitive information will not be published. The idea is to have a real time, decentralized, crowd sourced control. Everybody could then see how many trips you've made and how much time you did not follow the policy and why.

The more we empower travelers (right tools, right training, inform them about the preferred suppliers, right best practices in context), the more they will be able to act. With gamification techniques, you could also imagine to reward them. That's where social is good at also ..

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