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Sunday, December 11, 2011

SOLOMO - USA First ... Then what?

Not a week without a new announcement in the Social, Local, Mobile (SOLOMO). Most of them are in general associated with a mobile app release in the USA Apple app stores. And then, what about the others?
Everybody has to wait ...
How long? nobody knows ...

Some years ago, when a company was able to create a product and be the only one (exclusivity) to sell it for several months it was great. So the company tried to put immediately the product in all markets to benefit from this unique period.

In the SOLOMO world, there is a "de facto" hierarchy in the entrepreneurs world. USA first ...
Europe is so complex with different languages, legislations, etc ... but it is still second ... The key question is then for How long?

If you like games and console, it was always Japan first and USA second ...

This is creating a long tail of desired products and services that might or not reach the European consumers. This desire is participating to the current bad mood.

Nothing is more depressing for a customer to not be able to buy what he wants. It could be because he does not have enough income to buy, but we are in the heart of a financial crisis so that's understandable. He then thinks that he's not part of the middle class anymore ... Depression again.

Worse, if he can not buy what he wants just because he lives in Europe, or in France, then, this is creating a bigger frustration. That's why so many young people leaves France after their studies (studies paid by country taxes by the way). Fortunately, USA and their VISA regulations are preventing a more massive exode. So they are moving to countries were being young is an opportunity: BRIC countries ... and more generally, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

The only solution is to make more innovations in Europe and to keep our talents in Europe. This means more early stage funding, and motivating young people to stay and innovate in Europe. Silicon Valley needs competition as Eric Schmidt said, the question is : is Europe able to build it?

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