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Sunday, April 8, 2012

HR or Head Hunters you should invest in social dashboards

Crowdsourcing will change the way HR or head hunters look for new talents.

Before, they had to collect CV and upload them in a DBMS. Only the old Microsoft World format was supported. They also have to manage data privacy and to follow "country legislations". This was real costly. On the other side, people were more and more worried about the usage of their information and becoming bored of receiving email and phone call of people looking for resources and only using keyword matching across resumes ... The system failed ...

Now, people are pushing all their information in social networks. No need to ask anything for accessing public information.

The best HR or head hunters, should build their own tools, using social network API in order to get pro-active information about talents. Of course, you can use the ones offered by linkedin, viadeo, xing (, etc.). But, if you build your own, then, you can leverage the information ... and you have a competitive advantage.

Until now, only small labs are available, but in the future, new powerful tools will be built. It's just a question of time, the time needed to have all social network to open their treasure via API.

Let's look at a first example, made by a french company named Social Computing, on linkedin. Log to linkedin and then you can see your network ... Each node is a person and each node contains the skills. You can click on the skills and then you see your network using this filter. Great isn't it?

Now, look at the linkedin labs ... Some are really cool ...
  • connection timeline: View your connections across the timeline of your career.
  • InMaps: Visualize your professional network, clustered in realtime based on their inter-relationships.”
  • Resume Builder: Build, save & share beautifully formatted resumes based on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Infinity: A beautiful visualization of your professional network, built using the LinkedIn Javascript APIs.
  • Presdo: Imagine walking into a conference and knowing every attendee’s professional background. With Presdo Match’s LinkedIn API integration, Presdo Match users can easily discover other event attendees with similar professional interests. After discovery, users can seamlessly connect with each other using Presdo Match’s simple interface. 
Viadeo API is recent but they already made two important partnerships with:
  • Salesforce: The Viadeo app adds a social layer to Salesforce users’ client and prospect management. 
  • APEC: Users can link their Viadeo and APEC accounts to add social relevance to the job ads they view; this enables them to use their professional network to get ahead in the job search.
Corporate Talent management tool could also benefit from crowdsourcing since employees tend to put more information on their linkedin profile and Facebook than in any internal corporate tool. Until now, these tools mainly use social and media site as job boards, a place to push job profiles and gather responses.

It's time to build tools enabling a HR or a head hunter to define its own talent search tree (with skills, experience, etc.) and to let the software work continuously and crunch the internet to provide matching profiles, found based on what people say, do or ... claim to do. It is also a great opportunity to build rules to detect automatically people lying about their realization and cursus ...

Big Brother is APIing You

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